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Identifying A Roach Problem

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Roaches are a type of insect that can cause embarrassment and irritation. No one likely wants to eat at someone's home if it has roaches in it. Roaches are a nuisance to eradicate. This is why it is ideal to eradicate them as swiftly as possible. They can also cause diseases such as food-borne illnesses. Some people do not realize that they have roaches until the roaches have bred. This delay in pest control can create an infestation that is difficult to treat. The following points will help you recognize whether you have a current or pending roach problem.

Black Dust Substances

Roaches leave a black, dust-like material in places where they nest and travel through frequently. You might see this substance on countertops, behind and under appliances, or near water or food sources. They particularly enjoy kitchens and bathrooms. Some infestations may occur under refrigerators, which can make it difficult to discover them until they have significantly multiplied.

Peculiar Odor

If you have roaches, you will eventually notice a musty odor. This could be a sign that the area you are in has a nesting area. It can also be a sign of an imminent infestation. Roaches are fond of dark areas, which means they might be lurking in your basement. Musty odors in a basement are not uncommon since moisture can cause mold, which can also cause a musty odor.

Oval Shaped Eggs

What you would look for in the case of roach eggs are casings that look like sunflower kernels. Do not think they are too small to be concerned about. Roach eggs contain many baby roaches. When they hatch you will end up with more roaches. They also reproduce quickly and mature quickly. It is also possible to see the eggs on the rear end of roaches who are impregnated. If you kill one of these types, put it in a piece of toilet paper and flush it immediately. This is because it is possible for the larvae in the egg casing to still be alive and hatch.

Roach Carcasses

Dead roaches are a tell-tale sign that you have roaches. Roaches eat other dead roaches. Therefore, you should get the carcasses up immediately and dispose of them. If not, you are essentially providing a food source to keep them alive.

Live Roaches

This is an obvious sign that you have roaches.

A pest control company can help you identify whether you have roaches. They can also identify nest areas and treat the areas to eliminate the roaches. Routine pest control services can aid in reducing the chances of you having roaches.

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