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Is Your Home Being Invaded By An Ant Army? Go On Offense With These Strategic Tips

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Every summer thousands of homes undergo invasions consisting of thousands of tiny, but very persistent enemies. At first, the long lines are barely noticeable as they enter through tiny cracks in the home's structure, under the threshold of a door, or through a small opening, such as window screening.

But once enough ants arrive, homeowners will begin to see evidence of their presence - as moving specs in the sugar bowl and unwelcome guests clustered on countertops and food preparation areas. If you are currently battling these annoying insects, these strategic tips may be just what you need to defend your home turf and win the ant war. 

Go on offense to remove food and water sources 

Ants, like many larger insects, are looking for two main needs when they enter a home—a food source and moisture. This is why kitchens, bathrooms, and basements are common points of attack. Homeowners who take extra precautions to remove or seal off all possible food and moisture sources during the warm months when ants are most active are automatically reducing their chances of being targeted by actively scouting ants.

In order to do this, homeowners will want to: 

  • remove food crumbs and clean counter surfaces and stove tops immediately after each meal and before retiring for the night
  • empty and clean pet food and water bowls when not in use
  • keep pet kibble sealed tightly in lidded containers
  • load dirty dishes into the dishwasher, instead of leaving them exposed

Since leaking faucets and condensation on under-sink water pipes are common sources of moisture that attract ants, homeowners are also advised to cure these problems as part of their ant-deterrent strategy. 

Confuse the enemy by destroying their trail

If you have ever wondered why armies of ants always arrive in a single line instead of as burgeoning wave, the answer is that ants are genetically programmed to follow a trail of pheromones. Unless the trail is destroyed, it will continue to be used by new invaders. 

Destroying the ant's pheromone trail is the secret weapon that homeowners can use to turn the tide in their war on insects. Using a vinegar-based cleaning solution on any surface where the insects seem to be moving along a specific trail will remove the pheromones, cause confusion among the ranks, and help to repel future attacks. 

If ants continue to invade, even after initiating these strategies, homeowners may be facing a serious attack from a large colony of ants. Contacting a professional ant control service company is the fastest way for homeowners to cure major ant invasions and prevent recurring attacks.