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Got A Lot Of Ants In Your Home? Tips To Get Them Out And Prevent Them From Returning

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If you have a lot of ants in your home this can get very frustrating. This is because you may see hundreds of them and find the ants in different areas.  Fortunately, you can get the ants out of your home and prevent them returning. Below is more information about this so you can get your home ant free.

Remove Ants

In order to remove ants, you must determine where they are getting in. This is generally not difficult to do. Inspect corners, light switches, or any area that has a potential opening. Watch the ants closely and you will see where they go in and out of.

Once you determine where the ants are coming from, you can then take steps to get them out. First, you can purchase a poison at a home improvement store.

There is a liquid that ants love to eat, but once they do the liquid will kill them. This liquid is generally placed onto a small, square cardboard card and placed in the area where you see the most ants. After an hour or so you will see hundreds of ants crowding around the liquid eating it. Once they eat it, they carry some back to the nest with them to give to other ants, which will kill more ants. You will have to do this for a few days, however, to get all the ants.

There are more natural ways to get rid of ants. For example, baby powder will suffocate them. Sprinkle baby powder around the edges of the floor. This will take longer but over time you will start to notice less ants and you will have to repeat. Spraying vinegar can help keep ants away as they hate the smell. Vinegar does not kill ants, however.

Prevent Ants

Once you find the entry point for the ants close this up to keep them out. Use caulking to close all holes or tighten screws on electrical plates. Go outside and see if you see a line of ants going back and forth. This will show you where the nest is. Once you find this you can pour hot, boiling water over the nest to kill the ants.

Hire a pest control company to come to your home to help you get rid of the ants. They can determine where the ants are much easier than you can. The pest control company can also place poison outside to kill ants before they make it into your home.

Once you get rid of the ants keep an eye for them to come back each year, so you can start taking steps early getting rid of them. Contact a pest control service like Be There Pest Control for more help.