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No – Not The Chiggers – The Smallest Biter In Your Bed

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Chiggers are the tiniest little bugs that can cause an awful lot of discomfort. Have you ever seen a chigger? Many people can go years, or their entire lives without even seeing a chigger, even if they've been bitten by one.

What are chiggers?

Chiggers are tiny red mites -- also referred to as harvest bugs, harvest mice, harvest lice, or even little red bugs. They are found in every country, so there's no getting away from them. These tiny mites are very hard to see unless you are using a magnifying glass or when they are grouped together. It's not the adult chiggers that you need to worry as much about when it comes to bites; it's the babies. The babies gather together on leaves and grass and attach themselves to animals or people as they pass by.

After the chiggers have made their way onto your skin, they'll crawl around until they find a good place to make a tiny hole and inject their saliva into your body. That saliva softens your cells and makes it possible for them to dine on you for several days. In many cases, the chigger bites will appear around your waist or on the lower legs. You may begin to form blisters or high-like rashes that will itch like crazy the first few days and take a couple of weeks to heal.

How do you treat the bites?

First, get yourself into a nice, hot bath and scrub your body entirely with hot, soapy water. Rinse well, rewash, and rinse once more. In most cases, chigger bites will heal with some time, but if you've scratched them open, you may have opened them up to infection. If this happens, you could experience a fever, aches and will need to see your doctor to be treated for the infection.

How do you eliminate the chiggers?

Chiggers will not survive a trip through your clothes washer. Run all of your bedding and clothing that may have been exposed in hot water. Run the vacuum very well in all the rooms of your house. If you've found chiggers in your carpeting, you'll do best to call in the professionals and have the entire house treated for chiggers before things get even further out of hand.

Contact a company like All About Pests LLC for assistance. They will help to remove the chiggers from your home and your lawn to prevent this issue from arising again in the future.