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The Castle Dracula Guide To Pest Control

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Film historians and critics often suggest  the opening act of 1931's Dracula is a stellar part of the film. The opening scenes feature interactions between Count Dracula and Renfield taking place in the old, dark and decrepit environment of Castle Dracula. While vampires are not real, the presence of  bats, spiders, and rodents at the castle add a creepy realism. Vampires may not be threat to humans, but the critters and creatures seen in the castle absolutely can be a threat. Those who do not take good care of their home and allow it to fall into Castle Dracula-level decay might find it infested by a number of unwanted pests.

Allowing Dampness to Fester

Castle Dracula's interior is more than just dusty, the interior has a damp look to it. Dampness is something all manner of pests are drawn to. Not only do they look for food, they also look for sources of water. Even a little amount of dampness is enough to draw in insects. Cockroaches and waterbugs are known to be drawn  to dampness. Once these bugs are in a home, getting rid of them won't be easy.

Avoiding Addressing Obvious Issues

When insects and other pests leave clear signs of their infestation, action must be taken. The interior of Castle Dracula is loaded with cobwebs, which adds a creepy sense of moodiness to the set. A lot of basements are filled with cobwebs as well, but they don't add anything to a home but trouble. The presence of various webs means there are spiders in the basement. Allowing the webs to remain means allowing the spiders to stay. Sweeping away the spider webs might not be enough. Taking extermination steps might be necessary to get rid of the spiders creating all those ugly webs.

Skipping Repairs and Entry-Proofing

Imperfections and damage in a home leave entry ways for animals to enter. Rodents and possums are likely to find a nice interior to be much more inviting than a cold and rainy outside. Castle Dracula looks like it needs a lot of work and renovations. All those damaged walls create perfect portals for entry. Getting them fixed and sealing things up could keep rodents and other creatures out.

Professional Pest Control Works

Only skilled and talented art directors and production managers are able to create an interior as impressive as Dracula's castle. Similarly, only experienced pest control experts are able to drive rodents and insects out. Don't let a home turn into a pest-oriented horror movie. Call in professionals like Frontier Exterminating Company to deal with the problem.