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4 Tips For Eliminating Bedbugs From Your Apartment Complex

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No one likes bedbugs, but if you own an apartment complex they can be disastrous. One tenant can bring bedbugs back from traveling or on some used furniture, and the next thing you know they've spread to other apartments. You need to act immediately to eliminate the problem before it spreads and before tenants begin damaging your reputation by leaving negative reviews about your apartment complex. Here are four tips for eliminating bedbugs:

Hire a Reputable Pest Control Company ASAP

This is not the time to procrastinate or try unproven DIY treatment methods. As soon as your tenant calls to complain about bedbugs, you should call a pest control company with experience treating bedbugs. First of all, what your tenant sees in their apartment may not even be bedbugs. Determining that bedbugs are definitely present requires a professional evaluation. Secondly, if bedbugs are present, only a professional pest control company will be able to quickly and thoroughly eliminate the problem.

Ask About the Use of Dogs

You may want to ask your pest control company if they use dogs to help identify bedbugs. Thanks to dogs' amazing sense of smell, many pest control companies are now training them in bedbug detection, with some experts reporting a 97% accuracy rate. Bed bugs are so small and good at hiding that any extra help in finding them is usually a great idea.

Educate Your Tenants

In order to prevent future infestations, it is important to educate your tenants. This may be in the form of an emailed newsletter or flyers that you post in your building. List ways to avoid bedbugs, which include:

  • Never buying used mattresses or upholstered furniture.

  • Carefully inspecting luggage and clothes before returning from vacation,

Inspect All Apartments

You may be tempted to just inspect and treat the apartment the bedbug complaint came from to avoid letting the other tenants know about the problem or to save money. This is a really unwise approach, however, because bedbugs can travel quickly to other apartments, and your tenants will respect you more if they hear about the issue from you instead of from their neighbors.

Contact your tenants and explain that one of the apartments has experienced bedbugs, and that you are proactively inspecting (and treating if necessary) the remaining apartments just to be on the safe side.

By following these tips, you can fully eliminate bedbugs from your apartment building before they become a bigger and more expensive problem. Contact a company like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc to learn more.