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How To Prevent Termites From Invading Your Firewood

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Having termites invade your firewood is certainly not as bad as having them chew away at your house, but it's not ideal. Not only will these bugs eat up the wood, leaving you less to burn, but having them in firewood on your property also means your home and other structures will be at an increased risk of becoming infested. Follow these termite control tips to keep termites from invading your firewood.

Keep the firewood on well-drained soil.

Subterranean termites prefer to live in moist soil. So, if you can keep the soil around your firewood dry, they'll be less likely to invade. Look for the highest spot on your property, and stack your firewood there. If you don't have a particularly high spot, consider digging a ditch leading from the area where your firewood is stacked to another area of your yard. This will encourage water to drain away from the wood.

Stack the wood on concrete blocks.

Providing a boundary between the wood and the ground will help greatly. Place a layer of concrete blocks down, and then stack your wood on top. Blocks that are at least a few inches tall are the best choice, since they provide a significant gap between the soil and wood that the termites can't crawl over easily. But if all you have access to is flat paver-type concrete blocks, they are better than nothing.

Keep your stacks short.

Termites prefer dark, hidden spaces where they can stay warm and moist. If you stack your wood high, there will be a lot of dark, moist, hidden spaces within the pile. On the other hand, if you keep your stacks on the shorter side (2 or 3 feet), even the deeper parts of the pile will get some exposure to sunlight and air, making them less appealing to termites. It's better to have a long, low wood pile than a compact, tall one.

Plant some chili peppers or catnip.

Termites do not like chili peppers or catnip, so planting these plants near your firewood pile will decrease your chances of an infestation. If you don't have space to plant near your wood pile, a good alternative is to make a chili pepper spray and apply it to the wood. Soak 2 cups of chili peppers in a quart of water for a day. Strain out the peppers, add a gallon of water plus a tablespoon of dish soap, and spray this mixture around and on your firewood every other day.