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How Can Some Animals Help Control Pests?

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When you think about pest control, you probably consider setting out traps, using a fogger, or spraying with pesticides. However, there are also more natural ways to get rid of pests without using any chemicals, such as using your own pets! Many animals will help you get rid of the pests you don't want around, but that you don't want to deal with by using harsh chemicals.

Cats Take Care of Rodents

If you have cats at home, they will often do their part at reducing the rodent population inside and around your home. There won't be many mice or rats running around, as cats tend to be very good at spotting them and killing them. Outside, the cats might also attack the gophers and other wild animals. However, you need to be careful because the cat might bring the dead carcass into your home or leave it on the doorstep. They do this to show you what they caught, but it can be gross to clean up. You also need to make sure your cat is vaccinated so it doesn't kill something that makes it ill.

Dogs Sniff Out Insects

As far as insects go, a dog can be your new best friend. While dogs don't often kill and eat the insects, they will sniff them and often try to show you where they found have insects. If you notice that your dog suddenly sniffs the same area of the wooden deck over and over, and keeps bringing you to that area, it is a good reason to look at it a little further. Your dog might be telling you that you have a termite problem. They can also sniff out bugs inside the house, showing you bed bugs hidden in your bedroom, or spiders in the bathroom. You should look out for signs that your dog seems to be sniffing and tracking something, as it is often an insect of some kind.

Birds Help Control Pests

Another type of animal that can help control certain pests is a bird. Certain types of birds are good at finding and getting rid of insects. Some good birds that will help control insects and other pests are feral pigeons, starlings, Canada geese, and seagulls. If you see birds outside your home that tend to hang out in the same area, they might have found somewhere certain pests are hiding.

Speak to a pest control company if you're curious about other ways to control pests.