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Keeping Insects Away From Your Stored Items

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If you are going to be moving to a new home, you may have considered placing some of your lesser used items into a storage unit until you are situated in your new location. If you plan on storing items, keeping insects away from them is very important. If pests get into your unit, you can find your items are overrun with an infestation, causing damage to the very things you are trying to protect. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your belongings bug-free while in storage.

Package Items From Scratch

It is a bad idea to take boxed items from your home to place in storage without checking over the content beforehand. There can be insects embedded in corrugated cardboard which would then go along for the ride and end up living in your unit. To avoid this, check over each item you plan on storing. Wipe each thing down with a clean piece of cloth to brush off any eggs or larvae that may be hidden on the surface. Place the item in a new cardboard box or plastic storage container. You will be less likely to bring along any harbored insects by transferring items from an old box to a new one.

Look Over The Unit's Structure

Before accepting a rental agreement with the storage facility's manager, ask to look over the interior of the unit first. Look to make sure there are no cracks or holes in the unit where insects could crawl their way to the interior. Check that the door is securely sealed when closed. If you are able to push a credit card underneath, an insect could get inside just as easily. If you see moisture getting into your unit via the door, let the manager know so they can do repair work as insects will also be able to get in through this opening. In these cases, ask for a new unit or see if the facility could put a new gasket on the door.

If you notice insects in your storage unit, alert the manager immediately. There may be a neighboring unit overrun with insects which are making their way to yours through the duct work or insulation. They would need to call a pest control service immediately to remove the problem. 

Deter From Within The Unit

To help keep insects from getting into your unit, you will want to make it less than desirable. Place chalk or talcum powder along the exterior doorway each time you leave the unit to help deter ants from crawling too close to your unit's door. They tend to stay away from chalky substances. Many insects stay away from the scent of pine, lavender, or peppermint. Consider purchasing an essential oil in one of these scents. Dip cotton balls into the oil and place them in several locations around your storage unit. This will help keep insects from wanting to get inside. You will have the benefit of a fresh smelling storage unit as well.

You can also ask the unit about the commercial pest control services they employ,