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The ABC Of Keeping Rodents Out Of The House In Cold Weather

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When the weather outdoors turns cold and you would much rather be inside the house where it is warm and toasty, there are pests beyond your front door that feel much the same. You may go all year without spotting a single rodent, but as soon as the temperatures fall, don't be surprised to see a few scurrying creatures or see some evidence of mice, rats, or other rodents in the house. If you want to keep rodents away when it's cold outside, there is a simple ABC guideline that you should be following well before the first snowflakes fall. 

Always check your home and block potential entry points.

Open areas that would not be a problem at other times of the year can easily become a big deal during the winter. Ventilation pipes on the roof, attic fans, and even crawlspace entry points beneath the house are perfect places for rodents to slip into your home unnoticed. Before the cold sets in, cover these areas as much as possible. On vents and fans, install mesh screens that are firmly secured to eliminate easy access for rodents trying to make their way inside of the house. 

Be sure to add sealant around doors and windows. 

Mice can squeeze their way into the tiniest places, including small gaps around doors and windows. If you want to make sure pests stay out, make sure you give plenty of attention to these narrow areas. Not only will you ward off rodents, but you will also be making your home more energy efficient in the process. 

Call a pest control agent for a quick assessment. 

One of the easiest ways to keep your home rodent free for the winter is to make sure you have a pest control agent, like Choice Pest Control, come out in the fall and do a quick assessment of your property. There are several things that an agent will be checking while they do a walk through, including:

  • potential areas of exterior weakness where pests can make their way inside of the house
  • pest attractors, such as open food sources, moisture, or bedding availability
  • local pest and rodent populations that could pose a threat to your home

Once the assessment is complete, the pest control agent will offer you a complete road map of what you need to do in order to stay protected and offer treatment services if they are needed.