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Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Pest-Free With These 3 Tips

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Keeping a commercial kitchen free of pests presents some unique challenges. Food attracts all manner of pests, so you're a prime target for infestation. But the poisons and chemicals that are often used as an effective pest management technique are often harmful to humans and not appropriate for a busy commercial kitchen. Luckily, there are alternatives to the pesticides that you want to avoid in your kitchen. Take a look at some tips that can help.


You won't have to worry as much about killing pests if you make it a point to ensure that they can't get into your kitchen in the first place. Check the windows and doors for drafts or cracks, and tightly seal any possible entryways for bugs and rodents. You'll also want to make sure that the garbage is emptied regularly and promptly, and that any spills are cleaned up right away – garbage and sticky floors are magnets for bugs.

Another important part of pest prevention is carefully checking to be certain that any shipments that you receive are not carrying pests. It's easy to accidentally end up hosting bugs if they come in with a box of produce or kitchen supplies.

DIY Treatments

You can also make use of some DIY tools that will help you keep your kitchen clear of bugs. In fact, there are many natural pest repellents that, as a kitchen, you may already have on hand. For example, black pepper, cinnamon, and bay leaves can all be used to keep ants away.

Other useful DIY treatments include flypaper and sticky traps that can catch pests and trap them alive. Boric acid in the corners, cracks, and crevices of the kitchen will kill the bugs, but is nontoxic to humans.

Pest Control Services

To be in the safe side, it's best not to try to handle pest control entirely on your own. While the special challenges faced by commercial kitchens necessitate some day to day pest management on the part of staff and management, you will also need the help of a pest control service for the best possible prevention.

Choose a pest control company that offers green, eco-friendly pest control services. They can help you locate pest entryways that need to be sealed, diagnose hidden pest infestations, and implement the most effective pest barriers. They'll also use nontoxic pest control substances that will not be harmful to your staff or diners.

Finally, make sure that you choose a service that has a history of working with commercial properties. They'll understand the special needs that a commercial kitchen and property has and will work to ensure that your business remains unaffected by pests. For more information, contact the professionals at All Seasons Pest Control.