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How To Get Rid Of Common Pests

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We may be several thousand times larger than a bug, but certain bugs make up for their size many times over in how they create a nuisance. While it's a good idea to have routine pest control visits to keep bugs out of your home, there are additional steps you can take to keep bugs from bothering you. Here's how to deal with some of the most common pests.


Moths don't bite, and they don't really do anything but fly around, but it can still be irritating when a moth gets inside or is flying around you on your porch. The key to solving your moth problem is to remember they're attracted to light.

To keep moths from following you through a door, leave a bright porch light on and the inside lights off. It's even better if you can reposition the porch light a few feet away from your door so a moth flying next to the light doesn't get pulled in as you open or close the door.


These mini vampires are both disgusting and carriers of disease. They're also unavoidable in many climates.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so the best way to reduce or eliminate the mosquito population around your home is to eliminate wet spots. Ensure your drainage doesn't allow puddles in your landscape or pooling water in a ditch or other locations, and if you have a decorative pond, install a fountain to keep the water moving.


Termites can cause extensive damage to a home as they literally eat it from the inside out. Worse still, because they like to stay hidden, it can be hard to detect termite damage before it's too late.

The most important step to preventing termites is to eliminate food sources near your home. Never store firewood along an exterior wall — keep it well away from your house. Try to avoid wooden garden planters along the side of your home as well. Periodically check any wooden siding, awnings, or other features for damage and to ensure the treatment is still in place to keep termites out.


Wasps are tiny predators that feed on other insects. To combat wasps, follow the steps you'd take to keep other bugs away so they have nothing to eat.

If you still have pests that just won't go away, call a local pest control company such as Bug Busters to speak with an experienced exterminator.