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Natural Ways To Trap Or Kill Cockroaches In Your Home

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If you've seen a cockroach in your house, you can bet there are more nearby. At first sight, you should start making life uncomfortable for these pests before their colonies can grow. There are some natural ways to get rid of these insects. If their population grows faster than your ability to kill or trap them, a pest control service will be next best choice.

Home Remedies for Controlling Cockroaches

Coffee grounds - Place a small paper cup, like the single use cups for the bathroom, half full of moist coffee grounds into a tall wide mouthed jar. Pour water into the jar around the paper cup. Position the jar where you suspect cockroaches are traveling. The insects will be attracted to the coffee grounds, climb into the jar and be unable to climb out.

Traps from Plastic Soda Bottles - Cut the top off of a plastic soda bottle a few inches from the top. Turn the top over and sit it in the bottle so the opening is pointing down into the bottle. Wrap tape around where the top meets the bottle to secure the top. Mix a little liquid dish soap with water and pour it into the bottle. Place the bottle where cockroaches have been seen. The insects will climb into the bottle trap but be unable to climb out.

Sugar and Borax - Mix equal parts of borax and sugar. Sprinkle onto those areas where cockroaches favor. The sugar attracts the insects and the borax dehydrates them and causes intestinal problems. Borax is a toxic material and should not be used around children or pets. In that case, substitute baking soda for the borax. The baking soda also causes digestive problems but it acts slower than the borax to kill the cockroaches.

Fabric Softener and Water - Mix equal parts liquid fabric softener with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray directly onto the insects or where you see them traveling. The fabric softener clogs up the breathing pores in the cockroach's skin and suffocates them.

Ammonia and Water - Mix equal parts ammonia and water and use an old cloth to wipe off countertops and tables. Wipe tile and linoleum floors with this mixture where you've seen the insects crawling. The ammonia cleans up the pheromones left by the cockroaches and the chemical smell repels them.

Catnip - Make or buy small sachets of catnip and place them in kitchen, bathroom and bedroom drawers. The smell of catnip repels cockroaches.

Fresh Bay Leaves - Place fresh, not dried, bay leaves in areas frequented by cockroaches. Some people find that bay leaves repels the insects. Use these to keep the insects out of kitchen cabinets and closets.

If you have a small cockroach problem, try one or more of these natural ways to kill, trap or repel those pests. If you feel like you're not making headway, call a pest control company such as Affordable Pest Control Inc. They can find the nest and remove all of the pathways that the insects are using in your house.