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Taking Care Of Pests Is More Than Spraying

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Pest control is so much more than the occasional spraying of your home and yard to get rid of bugs. While this is a very important part of pest control, there is so much more that should be part of a good pest control service. Spraying against bugs just isn't enough, a pest control should take many more precautions to make sure that their client is pest free. So what else can be done to ensure that pests do not enter the homes and building?

1. Re-spraying. Just because a pest control service comes out and sprays your home, does not mean that the problem is now over. You still might see spiders, ants, or many other bugs that you were hoping to get rid of. Usually a pest control service will come on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. But what happens if the problem persists between each spraying? Many pest control problems will offer a free re-spray if you continue to see these pests. This is a great service as it guarantees that the problem will be dealt with. The pest control company will gain your trust and you will be more willing to use them in the future as well.

2. Sealing. There are many entry points for insects and rodents into your home. In order to ensure that these pests do not enter the home, these entry points need to be identified and sealed. A pest control company can help identify the potential entry points to your home such as an unsealed door, a crack in the foundation, exhaust vents and many more areas. By sealing these areas, pests will be less likely to gain entry to the home. A pest control company that takes this extra step to secure your home is a sure sign that they are a good company.

3. Bug Bombs and Poison. There might already be a case where you have an infestation of bugs in your home. In order to get rid of them, a pest control company may have to use bug poisons or bombs to kill and get rid of these pests. These can be great to get rid of spiders, fleas and other pests but they should be used sparingly so that they do not harm humans as well.

These are all great ways that a pest control company can go above and beyond to make sure that the pests are properly taken care of.

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