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How To Control Pests When Spring Arrives

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As spring approaches, you enjoy the sound of birds singing and flowers blooming, but that also means the arrival of pests. Here are some tips for controlling pests and keeping them out of your home.

Outdoor Pest Control

There are two ways to control pests in the spring; outdoors and indoors. With the change of seasons, you may be dealing with pests in both areas. Here are some ways to control them outdoors, particularly with new growth of grass, flowers, and bushes.

Trim your plants. When spring arrives, make sure you are trimming your bushes and plants well. Overgrowth gives creepy crawlers a place to hide and make their nests. They should also be kept at least a few feet from your house. This will help keep centipedes, earwigs, and rodents from your house.

Remove cardboard boxes. If you have cardboard or wood piles laying around, try to dispose of them. If the wood is being saved for future projects or firewood, at least keep it several feet away from your home. Cardboard boxes can be recycled, which not only keeps them out of landfills, but helps keep away spiders and other insects that like to hide in them.

Get rid of standing water. You should also eliminate standing water that might be outdoors. Flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches all like stagnant water. By removing it, you can help keep away these types of pests.

Indoor Pest control

There are also some ways to control pests inside your home during the spring. Here are some easy ways to reduce the risk of having pests in your house.

Bring water and pet food inside. If you have a pet that spends a lot of time in your backyard, make sure you don't leave their water and food out all night. When you bring your pets inside the home at night, bring in their food and water bowls as well. Leaving them outside increases your risk for ants, flies, and various rodents.

Reduce clutter. Clutter in certain areas of your home, such as the basement, attic and garage can increase your risk for pests. Particularly spiders and silverfish that like to hide in cardboard boxes and other types of clutter. By removing it, they have nowhere to hide and will most likely not stay inside long.

Aside from these tips, you can also call a professional pest control company. They can inspect your home and address any pest or rodent issues you have. To learn more, speak with a company like Boris Pest Control.