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How Can You Tell If You Have Fire Ants?

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In the southern US, fire ants are a real problem. They are also migrating north. They tend to be more agressive than other ants. If you were to fall in one of their nests, a number of ants would come swarming out to sting you. Not only will many of them come out to sting you, they will also hold on so that they can continue to sting. In humans, that sting is very painful. People compare it to being burned, which is part of how they get their name. In extreme cases, fire ant stings can be fatal to people.

Signs of a Fire Ant Nest

The most obvious visible sign that you have a nest of fire ants is a small mound of sandy earth. Depending on the size of the nest, you may only be able to see it after there has been some rain. However, the bigger the population, the bigger the nest will be. A fire ant nest can be as big as about 18 inches around. That nest will be very obvious. They especially like nesting around things like sidewalks and buildings. Part of that is because the soil can be easier for them to build their nests in. 

Other signs that you have a fire ant infestation can be slightly more difficult to see. One of those signs is that there are a lot of worker ants walking around. You may see long lines of ants. Ants leave pheromone trails for other ants to follow. Those trails can be to food sites, as well as areas around their nest where foreign ants may invade. You may not immediately recognize that the ants you are seeing are fire ants since this is a trait of all ants. However, fire ants are red in color, so that can be one way to tell you have them. 

Those ant trails can lead inside your house. Ants like getting into people's homes because food and water can be easy for them to find there. If fire ants do get into your house, that means that your family and pets are going to be much more likely to disturb these ants, and much more likely to be stung. 

Getting rid of fire ants can be difficult. It's much easier to prevent an infestation that it is to get rid of one. Preventing then can include many techniques, including placing pesticide baits around your house. You should let professionals handle any preventative measures, as well as anything that may need to be done to get rid of an existing ant nest. (For more information, contact Total Control Termite And Pest or another company)