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When Ants In The Home Is No Picnic

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If you have recently seen several ants walking around inside your home, you will want to take steps in having them removed. Ants can be a minor annoyance, but they can also be removed quite easily. Here are some steps you can use to remove these intruders from your home for good.

Start By Cleaning

Ants are attracted to grimy areas, so it is best to do a deep cleaning so they are not going to stick around. Use a mixture of half vinegar and half water to place inside a spray bottle. Use this to clean your counters and stove top. Ants will leave behind a special scent to alert their friends where there is a trail they should follow. Vinegar will take away this scent, making ants unaware of a food source a friend was trying to show them.

Vacuum your home every few days to keep crumbs from becoming a meal ticket for your uninvited house guests. Keep your pet food dishes clean in between feedings so ants do not steal a bite for themselves.

Work On The Exterior

Outside, you can make some adjustments that will help keep ants from getting inside. Do an investigation along your foundation for any spots that have cracks where ants can wedge themselves inside. These can become paths to the interior to your home. Use caulk to fill these areas in, keeping ants outside where they belong.

If you have any woodpiles, move them back away from your home. Spread some gravel along the perimeter of your house to keep ants from using grass as a walkway to your exterior. Ants will avoid gravel and stick to grass if there is a choice.

Remove The Intruders

To remove ants, there are several commercial products that can be used to kill them on contact. There are also a variety of bait traps available that ants will use to bring food back to their lair to kill off the nest. If you do not seem to see a break in the number of ants in your home after using these pesticides, call a professional exterminator to come give you a hand. They will have products that will break the life cycle of the ants, making them disappear very quickly.

Deter Ants

When your ant problem has been eliminated, take some steps to make sure they do not return. Sprinkle some salt and talc in your doorways and around the foundation of your home. These are natural deterrents that ants would rather avoid. Cinnamon, citrus oil, and petroleum jelly are more deterrents that ants will stay away from. Sprinkle or spread these items along windows and doors to keep ants from trying to gain entry.

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