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4 Natural Ways to Address an Ant Problem

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Just about anywhere in the US, ants pose a potential pest problem. The kitchen area is one of the biggest sources of ant issues, and if ants have targeted it in your home, you just might have a battle ahead. However, there are some basic, natural ways that you can stand up to ants in your home:

1. Clean Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is very often the target area for ants that invade a home, so make sure yours is clean and sanitary. Kitchen floors and counters should be kept clean, clear and dry. You should also seal away any sweets such as candies, syrup, or a sugar bowl that you might normally leave out on the counter. Even honey or a pack of gum can be irresistible to ants, so take steps to store these items in sealed containers.

2. Zero in on the Entry Point

Locate the spot where ants are entering your home; there's likely one main opening where you will see a line of ants coming and going. Clean this area very well inside and out, and patch any holes or cracks in your home's drywall that might be leaving you open to an ant invasion.

3. Address the Pet Dish

Pet food seems to be another favorite of ants, so make sure your dog or cat's food dish isn't functioning as a food source for your ant intruders. There are ways to allow your pet to graze on their food while still protecting it from ants; believe it or not, chalk is disagreeable to ants, so consider drawing a thick chalk circle on a piece of cardboard on which to set your pet's food bowl. Alternatively, baby powder also seems to repel ants, so sprinkling some underneath your pet dishes can help to keep ants at bay.

4. Home Remedies and Natural Ant Deterrents

Besides chalk and baby powder, there are a number of other home remedies you can try to dissuade ants from using your home as a restaurant and refuge. The following household items—or a combination of them—can help to deter ants. Use these natural ant deterrents indoors and outdoors around the area where they had been entering your home:

  • Cinnamon
  • Chili powder
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Dish soap
  • Vinegar

If these four ant deterrent steps aren't effective, more drastic measures might be required. You may have to address the ant colony directly to get lasting relief from your pest issue. Locate the ant colony and use a commercial product to address the problem at its source. If you aren't sure how to proceed, contact a professional pest control service such as Heritage Pest Control and have them take care of your ant problem for you.